Saturday, 8 October 2011
Chic strapless jumpsuit!

F&B secret 1 - it is proven that Asians have flatter chest as compared to the westerners; to counter this problem, wear clothes with ruffles or details at the front, like the jumpsuit below! It gives a "bigger" illusion!

Item Code: LFMJS01

Further Details:
Material: Polyester-Cotton blended
Style description: flat design with elastic waist drawstring waist double pocket design
Length: 115cm
Bust: 64 - 90cm
Waist: 60 - 80cm
Hips: 110cm
Thigh: 56cm
Trousers: 30cm
Colour: Blue and Black

Selling at RM 60
Friday, 7 October 2011

Always cracking your head to match your tops with your bottoms? Go for a one piece!

Item Code: LFMD01

Further Details:
Bust: 73 - 86cm
Waist: 60 - 80cm
Downsize diameter: 91cm
Length (including strap length): 81cm, adjustable but not removable strap
Colours: Khaki and Blue

Selling at RM 50!
Thursday, 6 October 2011
Ladies, no matter how much you tell your loved ones that roses are a waste of money; admit it, you actually love them! Well, at least for me.

Why not pamper yourself (or mock your loved ones =p) with this rose ring?!

Item Code: LFMA01

Further Details:
Material: Alloy
Color: Bronze
Adjustable to suit fingers of different sizes!

Selling at RM10 per ring!

Finally, it's Friday!

After a long week of work and study, it's time to hit the mall for a movie! Bring this cardigan with you to keep yourself warm for the entire movie!

Item Code: LFMC01

Further Details:
Material: Cotton
Length: 61cm
Shoulder Width: 38cm
Bust: 92cm
Sleeve Length: 57cm

Limited Stock available!
Hurry up, only selling at RM 40 per piece!
Loving this simple blue stripe top for a laid back day!

This versatile top comes with ribbon at the side for different ways of wearing! You can wear it loose to hide your bulging tummy or wear it tight to show your curve!

Item Code: ENET01

Further Details:
Material: Cotton
Bust Size: 80cm
Shoulder Width: 32cm
Total Length: 54cm
Colour available: Navy Blue

Selling at RM 25!
Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Racer back tops up for grab!

I love the details at the back!
Feeling sexy, wear it with short skirt!
Feeling goodie girl, wear a tube inside or a chic jacket over!

Item Code: ENES01

Further Details:
Materials: Cotton
Bust: 58cm - 88cm
Total Length: 60cm
Size: Free Size

Selling at RM 28 per piece!
               2 for RM 50; 3 for RM 75! (only RM 25 per piece!)

* the more you buy, the more you save!
all pre-loved items are carefully clean before sending out.

Pair this simple yet sexy top with a boot cut jeans and a killer stilettos and you are ready to hit the club!

Can be worn as a normal top or an off-shoulder top.

Item Code: Black T

Further details:
Worn once but has seen gained weight and have no choice but to give this top up. :(
With a retractable string on one side for adjustments purposes.
Best fir for XS - S size.

Selling at RM 20!

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